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Safe Signoscope T2 with free UK power adapter
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Safe Signoscope T2 with free UK power adapter
Product Information

A compact portable unit that can be used with battery or with the supplied power adapter, the stamp is placed faced down in the holder, which slides into the machine, adjust the pressure on the machine using the turnscrew mechanism on the underneath of the machine to see the watermark, Supplied with free mains adapter

 Please Note:

We do not sell electrical products on a trial basis. Please make sure that the product is what you require as we only refund or exchange if an item is faulty.



  ·  Ensure the voltage selector on the mains adapter is set to 7.5V (T1) or 3V (T2)

·  Leave the clear glass block in the unit at all times, even when adjusting

·  Do not use rechargeable batteries (these have a lower working voltage)

·  To prevent possible overheating and to prolong life of the adapter, switch off the power supply and better still, remove from the electrical socket when not in use

·  The unit comes set for use on stamps of thin to average thickness. For thick stamps see below

·  When you move the lever arm it raises a plate under the clear block upwards and puts it under pressure

·  Because the machine works by contact with the stamp always remove all hinge and paper remnants from the stamps


·  The handle has two different positions
·  It comes in the "in" position, whereby when you move it round you feel the clear block coming under pressure

·  Slacken off the nut under unit with Allen key provide

·  If you pull the handle "out" towards you and move it round, you will feel no pressure on the block. This is the "out" position

· To Adjust (For thick stamps or stamps on paper)

  Loosen the nut under the machine with Allen key and place the Signoscope on its base on a flat surface

  With the glass block in and the handle side facing you, gently pull the handle out towards you. With the forefinger of the left hand move the silver adjustment plate (2" diameter) approximately ¼ of a turn in a clockwise direction. (The finger hole for the plate is located on the back of the machine opposite the handle stem). Push the handle back into the "in" position. It locates easily if gently "wiggled" in

  Place stamp in block, insert in the machine and test for correct pressure

  Tighten nut with Allen key

Should you need to adjust for very thin stamps , follow above instructions but adjust the plate in an anti-clockwise direction


Do not tighten Allen key with the handle in the "out" position.

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Product Code: SAF0LIW6226

Price: £102.00 £66.50
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